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Don't Get Spooked While Buying A Home

October 30, 2016
Ghosts, Goblins, Mummies, Mortgages. Which should home buyers be most scared of this fall?

While many may say mortgages are scary, Healthy Transitions' mission is to make sure you're not frightened by the home buying process. Our counselors are trained to provide a compassionate and respectful hands-on experience. 

We also understand that no two families or finances are the same.  Many find it hard to make ends meet, let alone save for a down payment. Others are burdened by college loans. And some have only a disability check to live on. But these situations don’t have to stop you from owning a new home.

Healthy Transitions was able to help a single mom obtain a federal loan subsidy that actually pays a portion of her mortgage. With the help of a counselor a college graduate was able to consolidate student loans to clear the way towards home ownership.  And a disabled grandmother is now caring for her grandchildren in her new three bedroom home.

Many clients also qualify for grants and down payment assistance.

Say goodbye to your haunted nightmares and say hello to Healthy Transitions. 
Contact us for a free evaluation to begin the process of building your new home and your new life.

HOME: Housing Opportunities Made Equal

August 31, 2016
HOME: Four letters that represent much more than just four walls. They say home is where the heart is.  It’s where lives are lived and dreams are created and fulfilled. But for many, a home of their own seems out of reach.  It’s something only “others” are rich enough to have.

At Healthy Transitions Development Group, HOME stands for: Housing Opportunities Made Equal. We understand housing is a foundation for life that everyone deserves and can achieve. 

Much like an architect creates a blueprint for houses, Healthy Transitions creates a blueprint for home ownership.  From credit repair and counseling, to grant applications and down payment assistance, Healthy Transitions is dedicated to helping low and moderate income families achieve the American Dream of home ownership.  

One Healthy Transitions’ client who is caring for her grandchildren has a mortgage payment of only about $400 a month for her 3 bedroom home.  Another received $30,500 in grants towards closing costs and her loan. And more than one family was able to move into a brand new home with no money down.  Help is out there.  Our job is to make sure you know how to get it.  

Every situation is unique, but Healthy Transitions makes sure everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve their dream of home ownership.